Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zombiecraft: Update

I did not anticipate that I would become this addicted to Minecraft. Stopping to think, it makes perfect sense: a sandbox game devoid of nerd rage inducing hit markers/lag/campers/glitches (so far), endless possibilities, unknown discoveries and zombies. Now take me: a hard core gamer, zombie fanatic, survival enthusiast. Developing an addition to this game makes perfect sense.

This being said, I have decided that it would be impractical to write about my day to day activities in the world of Minecraft due to the unexpectedly fast progress I have made. I made a hybrid cottage/tree house!
A view of my hybrid cottage/lake house/tree house from the top of my first house/main mine!
I have posted closer shot of my new house on my facebook page! For those of you who are interested in seeing/reading about my future Minecraft creations/adventures, become a fan of on FACEBOOK, where I will be posting screen captures and hopefully video!

- King of the Zombies

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